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Dan Ariely's Talk About Inequality Theorizes on the Distribution of Wealth

 - Apr 13, 2015
References: youtu.be
In his talk about inequality, Dan Ariely talks about wealth distribution. The speaker noticed in posing questions about what inequality we have and what inequality we would want in society, that there was a knowledge gap between what we think is real and what the truth is.

Based on the ideas of a just society and the veil of ignorance theorized by philosopher John Rawls, the speaker discovered no one wants full equality and there is also a desirability gap between what we have and what we would accept. The talk about inequality discussed many other questions relating to these kinds of discrepancies, such as the pay ratio of CEOs to unskilled workers.

Given these two gaps as well as an action gap, it's important to determine how to get others to think differently. The speaker also encourages people to identify what is real and what is a placebo effect resulting from expectation. Then, apply this to different areas of your life, including political policy-making.