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The Danit Peleg talk about 3D printing envisions a new future for the fashion industry. The Danit...

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Danit Peleg's Talk About 3D Printing Discusses New Materials in Clothing

 - Mar 1, 2016
References: youtu.be
In her talk about 3D printing, Danit Peleg shows how it is possible to download and print an entire fashion line at home. The designer shares how in her final year at school she began a project to 3D print an entire fashion line. The biggest challenge was finding the right filament to print clothes with, as other examples of 3D printed garments were made from easily breakable, hard plastics that would scratch and hurt the wearer. Using at-home 3D printers, one can piece things together like a puzzle.

The talk about 3D printing envisions a future where the downloaded material will evolve to look and feel like fabrics we know today. Garments could be personalized to your measurements and tastes.

This is an example of how modern technology can disrupt all industries, including fashion.