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Sir Ken Robinson's Talent Talk and Closing Remarks Discusses Life Well Lived

 - Sep 19, 2014
In his closing remarks at a TEDxLiverpool conference, Sir Ken Robinson's talent talk discusses the manner in which people live their lives. The renowned speaker shares an anecdote about Paul McCartney and George Harrison from the Beatles and how gifts tend to go unrecognized.

The talent talk also mentions how knowledge isn't about what you know, but what you don't know. Like the Dalai Llama, great teachers are the ones who also learn with their students and the great questions aren't necessarily answer-able.

Sir Ken Robinson also discusses the miraculous nature of life. He refers to history and how life used to be very local. he believes the chances of people being born at all is remote and a miracle. He states your whole life composed of choices you make and he is often surprised people settle for very little. He notices a theme of anyone doing anything was prepared to make mistakes. The talent talk ends after the speaker talks about how intimately connected humans are to life around them.