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Susan Robinson Discusses Why She Shuns the Term "Disabled"

 - Jul 25, 2017
References: ted
Susan Robinson is legally blind, or "partially sighted" as she calls it, and discusses why she doesn't like or use the term "disabled" to describe her condition, or those of others'.

In the humor-laden speech, Robinson talks about how the term "disabled" automatically "detonates a mindset of "less than" that disregards capacity, ability and potential" – and prioritizes brokenness. That bias can even be sweetly conveyed – with people often reminding Robinson that it is "shocking" that she is as successful as she is, despite her "disability". Robinson jokingly describes this as her "failing at being disabled," and offers five tips that can lead other people to do the same.

With advice like knowing your superpowers, understanding that everyone is "disabled" in some way, and pursuing audacious goals, Susan Robinson is able to flip perspectives on how people with disabilities are often viewed.