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A Surviving the Future Keynote by Tom Koulopoulous

 - Jun 22, 2012
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In this surviving the future keynote from Tom Koulopoulos, he offers his audience a new way of looking at the future. While the majority of individuals in business invest substantial efforts and resources into predicting the future, Koulopoulos argues that they should instead be focusing on building strategies to survive the future.

He then explains how everyone has a different lens through which they look into the future. This lens, however, becomes more cloudy over time, making it challenging for people to predict what is ahead of them. He explains how instead of trying to predict things over which we truly have no control, we need to adopt a lens that will make it easier to understand these changes as they occur and to take what we already have and repurpose it to create new value.

Focusing on how behavior will change as opposed to what will change in terms of technology or software will enable businesses to survive the future. Uncertainty breeds opportunity and this cannot be forgotten or overlooked. As the lens becomes more cloudy -- as uncertainty increases -- so does opportunity.