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Beth Comstock's Successful Insights Keynote is Full of Helpful Tips

 - Jun 7, 2014
References: ge & vimeo
Helping the audience understand how important design and marketing are to the future of any business, GE's SVP and Chief Marketing Officer Beth Comstock opens up about how passion, experimentation and failing are the most important ingredients of being an instigator for change in her successful insights keynote.

In her talk, Comstock reveals how her experience working in such a big company like GE has taught her the best ways to make sure creative and fresh ideas are not overlooked amidst the bureaucracy -- and what she believes to be the ingredients of a fruitful project, service, product or business.

Comstock also highlights in her successful insights keynote the importance of understanding trends and translating them in a unique way to spur a culture of inventiveness and grow your brand value.