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The Shane Snow talks discuss one of the concepts covered in his book Smart Cuts: How Hackers,... Need Inspiration?

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Shane Snow's Accelerated Success Talk Practically Discusses 'Smart Cuts'

 - Sep 29, 2014
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In his accelerated success talk, Shane Snow discusses one of the concepts he outlines in his book Smart Cuts.

The speaker was inspired by the psychological principle of lateral thinking, which means to rethink the assumption on which a question is based. Intrigued by the untraditional growth and success in the tech startup industry, the entrepreneur launched his own company called Contently in an effort to help brands become publishers and journalists make a living doing what they love. Focusing on reframing the rules upon which their industry is based, he examined the patterns hackers and young CEOs have in common and the smart short cuts they take.

The accelerated success talk offers anecdotes, tips and tools people can put into use that mimic the practices of high-growth companies and individuals who get things done unconventionally fast. This includes the idea of 'hacking the ladder' and the Bigger or Better scavenger hunt game.