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The Success Presentation Given by Bel Pesce on What Not to Believe

 - Apr 6, 2015
In her success presentation, Bel Pesce shares five easy to believe myths that are a sure way to destroy your dreams.

In an effort to help you avoid the overlap between the dreams you have and the projects that never happen, the Brazilian speaker suggests five ways how to not go after your goals. The first is to believe in overnight success. These stories are often incomplete and fail to mention the copious amount of preparation before. The success presentation states accomplishments are the result of everything that has happened up until that point. Don't think someone else has the answers for you. She encourages the audience to make their own decisions and follow their own path. Don't decide to settle when growth is guaranteed. Always work hard towards new heights. Don't believe the fault is someone else's; it's your job to make it happen. Lastly, don't believe the only things that matter are the dreams themselves. Life is about the journey.