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The Philippe Gabilliet Success Keynote Speech Lends Helpful Tips

 - Oct 18, 2012
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The Philippe Gabilliet success keynote speech tells an audience that it doesn't always come down to hard work that will determine the outcome in your life. Gibilliet believes that success can be determined by two important factors, perseverance and luck.

He thinks that luck is mainly a state of mind, people who know how to deal with uncertainty chance, and randomness will be the ones who succeed. People who are able to do this have the ability to create a favorable environment where they will ultimately end up coming across more opportunities than the next person.

Opportunities create new windows for action and possibilities. He sees these opportunities as events in people's lives, like social encounters at a party, information you gather from these encounters and accidents that happen in your life. Along with these things, however you still have to constantly be bettering yourself, wanting to succeed and remain open to the world.

Gabilliet thinks that "your life will be as lucky as you make it." He gives useful tips on how to ensure that you have luck in your life and how to provide luck for other people. This is an interesting keynote that's worth checking out.