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Leonard Mlodinow Teaches About Humans In This Subliminal Keynote

 - Jul 14, 2012
References: youtu.be
Bestselling author and academic Leonard Mlodinow demonstrates the powers of the unconscious in this subliminal keynote. Mlodinow explains that the new unconscious is not accessible by our conscious mind because of where it is accessed by the brain. This unconscious is defined as a behaviour occurs without a lack of awareness of what is influencing us hence our inability to avoid the behavior. Social perceptions of the world around us are influenced by the unconscious mind, which are not literal reflections of the world but constructions of our mind.

From the amount you tip your waiter to a preference of politicians, the unconscious influences our judgement. Mlodinow demonstrates the power of the unconscious through the influence of touch. The power of touch affects our trust and bonding, for example in restaurants waiters and waitresses who provided a light touch to their patrons had an increase in tips to those who did not.