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Richard Saul Wurman Discusses Facts in this Stories as Lessons Speech

 - May 31, 2012
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In this stories as lessons speech Richard Saul Wurman tells nine different two-minute stories and demonstrates how important life lessons can be relayed through compelling short narratives.

Beginning his keynote with a banana in hand, the creator of TED Talks illustrates the importance of approaching life through experimentation and trying something new. The message behind the story isn't apparent at first and Wurman doesn't indicate where his story is going, but at its conclusion it is obvious that the lesson to be had is to try something new.

All of the short stories flow into each perfectly, attesting to the speaker's skill as a presenter and confidence in his topics. From the revelation that one's life is spent reacting to defied expectations and the argument that "everything is independent and made up of everything," Richard Saul Wurman shows how innovation and narrative are key factors towards making a compelling presentation.