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Steven Johnson Outlines the Parallel Structuring of the Web to Real Tim

 - Mar 1, 2012
References: stevenberlinjohnson & youtube
Steven Johnson is the founder of the hyperlocal media network ‘’ The website is an interactive locator for communal hot spots. He has written seven best-selling books, which cover a broad range of topics under the theme of ideas and technology. The focus of his presentations dip into political campaigns, urban planning and terrorism. His perspective is nano and concise, turning big picture ideas an interesting new angle of argument.

In his engaging speech, Steven Johnson describes how the internet acts as a secondary society. He argues that the web is like a city. The building and construction of the environment is done by many people. There is no one person who holds complete control of this city. Next, he points out that users of the internet are interconnected, yet function as individuals, much like the populous of a city.