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This Steve Jobs Talk by Walter Isaacson Celebrates Teamwork

 - Oct 30, 2014
References: youtube
Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs talk shares an intriguing view into the Apple innovator's collaborative work values. Isaacson spent a great deal of time with Jobs interviewing the former CEO of Apple for the popular 2011 biography titled 'Steve Jobs.'

When Isaacson asked Jobs what his proudest product was, he was surprised that Jobs didn't respond with the iPod, iPhone or iPad. Instead Isaacson reveals that Jobs' biggest accomplishment as an entrepreneur was "...his ability to create a team around him and his ability to work in partnership." Jobs's aspirations weren't in creating the next big product, but instead in creating and fostering teams that could continue to create great products. This group mindset paved the foundation to Apples strong brand success.