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Barry Schwartz's Speech on Wisdom is Moving and Powerful

 - Jan 30, 2014
References: new.ted & youtube
Barry Schwartz's speech on wisdom is a call to action against the strict rules that are abundant in our society.

Mr. Schwartz is not against rules, he is against too many rules as they restrict people from using their own judgement, and this has horrible consequences that influence almost every sector in our society. Mr. Schwartz argues that the moral skill of our society is eroded by the many rules that abound. He further states that in addition to too many rules, there are too many incentives that subvert our moral will. The antidote to the many rules, he says, is wisdom. Those who are wise know when to make an exception to every rule, they know when to improvise and when to use their moral skill.

Though things may sound dire, Barry Schwartz's speech on wisdom is optimistic. Wisdom is a skill we can acquire, and if we do, society will be better off for it.