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Joe Biden's Speech on the Middle Class Builds on the American Dream

 - Apr 30, 2019
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On May 8th of 2018, former Vice President Joe Biden delivered a speech on the middle class that was inspiring and hopeful. The keynote itself dealt with the benefits and the obstacles of people with comfortable incomes. During the talk, the politician highlighted the crisis the middle class is facing, the plights of its shrinkage and the opportunities for addressing the situation.

Joe Biden maintains that our political and social stability is tied to an aspiring middle class that breeds opportunity for everyone accross the economic spectrum. A healthy instance of this comfortable level of wealth entails an increase in jobs. When it is taken away — something that the economic current is suggesting, it makes for a "fractured country." This instability is a consequence of the fourth Industrial Revolution that breeds a time of uncertainty and weakened labor. In a sense, the view that America is a land of possibility is compromised by the increasing concentration of wealth. Biden outlines the thesis of each problem and supports it with humorous anecdotes of his personal and professional interactions.

During his speech on the middle class, the former Vice President speaks of the widening gap between productivity and income, the fears of automation, the debt of education and more. He zeroes in on the shareholder whose pleasure has become a sole focus of the economy — a move that strongly undermines a working majority and contributes to low confidence in opportunities. He calls attention to the unbalanced delivery of tax benefits, the rise of monopolies, the skepticism of the younger generation with regards to the essence of the capitalist system, globalization, digitization and more which are all factors that systematically undermine this middle section of society and put it into jeopardy.

Naturally, Joe Biden attempts to motivate and inspire his listeners. The speech on the middle class contains a few daring but impactful solutions for the impending crisis. First and foremost, the politician believes America needs to tackle income inequality through "a pro-growth, progressive tax code that treats workers as job creators." This will deliver impact not only on worker confidence but also on the healthcare industry, urban infrastructures, among other extensions of the contemporary socio-political and economic extensions of America. Secondly, the speech on the middle class advocates for better education and alleviation debt through free community colleges and state universities that are accessible to everyone. The intent behind this is to make "lifelong learning commonplace." Thirdly, Biden hopes to empower workers by bringing a more competitive labor market that gets rid of abusive non-compete clauses and gives workers the opportunity to bargain. This is followed by the necessity of rebuilding the nation's infrastructure, as well as fostering respect between people of different economic standing and bringing inclusivity to the middle class itself.