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Sophie Andrews' Speech on Support Highlights the Need for Connections

 - Apr 3, 2018
References: ted & youtube
Sophie Andrews, the CEO of The Silver Line, and the author of the book 'Scarred,' a biography that outlines her experiences with severe child abuse at the hand of her father, and the self-harm that followed, delivered a speech on support for TED.

She begins her speech by delving into one of the heartbreaking stories she's come across in her work, setting a serious tone right away and showing the level of fear and feelings of entrapment that the abused so often deal with. She follows this by highlighting the impact that helplines can have on those who have nowhere to turn. Later, Andrews reveals that the story she revealed was her own, and she continues by diving into the different factors that caused her to be so vulnerable. After realizing how impactful a helpline was for her, Andrews began to volunteer herself, and felt fulfilled by the amount she was able to assist others in similar situations.

Next, Andrews considers how loneliness can be so harmful to those in need of assistance, and how even a small connection to a stranger over the phone can be the force that helps them to seek further assistance. With the Silver Line, Andrews has focused on older people in need of help, or those who are just in need of a friendly conversation. With this, she shows that often, just listening to someone can be the best way to provide all the assistance necessary.