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Greg Mathers' Speech on Success Encourages Collaboration at Work

 - Aug 8, 2014
In his speech on success, Greg Mathers discusses what success is built on and what people can do to maintain it. He begins by describing the scientific principle of entropy and how a closed system left to itself will decay and break down over time. He believes there are implications here beyond science relating to levels of success we experience individually, in families and in business.

Natural disintegration in business happens faster because it is made up of people with diverse needs, wants, interest, styles of working and making decisions. This creates a need for strong leaders who can keep people focused and their energies going in the right direction. How well they work and how sustainable they are based on one factor: an environment in which people trust and respect each other. Just as self-respect and self-trust result in self-confidence individually, there must be respect and trust between people to be successful. Greg Mathers continues his speech on success by defining how to achieve these feelings.