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Marco Tempest’s Speech on Magic Looks at the Future of the Art

 - Feb 13, 2014
References: marcotempest & youtube
In his speech on magic, cyber illusionist Marco Tempest explores the interplay between magic and technology.

Before discussing how magic effects technology and vice versa, Tempest first examines how magicians see the world. Magicians must see beyond the initial design and function of an object in order to find their "hidden attributes" and leading to what he calls "prototyping the future." Through their illusions, magicians endow everyday objects with a sense of magic, but what are they to do when modern technology is now beginning to bestow magic to everyday items like glasses and phones? Marco’s solution is to simply fuse the two together, and begins demonstrating a magic trick through a Google Glass-like piece of technology.

Marco Tempest’s speech on magic looks toward its future, and how that future and technology are becoming inextricably linked.