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In His Speech on Immigration, Ruben Sanchez Considers Stress

 - Jul 6, 2017
References: edu.ava360 & youtube
Ruben Sanchez, a junior student at Liberty High School, considers the struggles he's faced while growing up with undocumented parents in his speech on immigration.

Although he's had a successful life so far, Sanchez tells his audience that he's constantly dealt with a fear of rejection and harassment throughout his life, which has often caused his family to hide. By exposing the emotional impacts that having undocumented parents can bring, Sanchez aims to bring awareness to the largely unknown struggles that they face, and how it can affect every aspect of their lives.

As Sanchez explains in his speech on immigration, his experiences have prompted him to become as a mentor for his younger peers, who might be going through similar difficulties. In addition, he inspires his audience to show compassion for everyone that makes up the US, and highlights just how much those who are undocumented can offer.