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This Speech on Humanity by Chris Abani Discusses Kindness in Humans

 - Apr 23, 2013
References: chrisabani & youtube
During this moving speech on humanity Chris Abani shares true stories he has documented throughout his life, which have been remarkably shaping for him. Chris believes that people are never more beautiful than when they are ugly, because that is when we are showing what we really are.

This speech on humanity is quite eye-opening. We live in a world where it is often required of us to lean on other people in times of need. Chris believes this to be one of the more beautiful realities in life; he says we would not be human if we could not depend on other people.

One of the most lasting points Chris makes in this speech on humanity is when he discusses growing up with his feminist mother. He remembers how hard his mother fought to keep him and his brothers safe during that time. He also recounts the day when they escaped from the camp and how a complete stranger emptied her suitcase and gave all of her belongings to his mother after hearing her story. These acts of kindness are the important gestures that keep us human and keep the world going.