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Gabriela Watts' Speech Encourages People to Become Writers

 - May 18, 2018
References: ted & youtube
Gabriela Watts is an author, but more importantly, she is a mother with the passion to inspire and advocate for creativity and traditional upkeep and she gives a speech on encouraging people to become writers. She has an educational background in Business Management, as well as Drama and Acting. Additionally, her book entitled 'Furia Adolescentei/ Teenage Rage' was published in 2015, and surrounds the struggles of the youthful years -- in how struggling events define us, the difficulty and perks of growing up, and how it all helps us understand our personal stories.

Watts' speech centers around the way that she grew up and how she sees the growth of her teenage daughter. She believes in preserving traditional stories because it defines where one came from, and helps in drawing out a personal story. In the heartful act of wanting to share her teenage stories with her daughter, she developed her book. She encourages writing because it enables writers to create their own realities and what she describes to be her version of a 'selfie'.

How writing began for Watts came surprisingly, as she always dreamed to be acting in Hollywood. Instead, she finds herself filling papers in front of her with words and this allowed her to realize that its a trick of empowerment. Watts believes that the time of youth is the heart of a personal story and when that period becomes concrete through diary entries, memoirs, or any writing piece, there can always be inspiration found within one's own words.