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Sheryl Sandberg's Speech About Death is on Overcoming Stunning Setbacks

 - May 29, 2016
In her speech about death, Sheryl Sandberg shares the lessons she learned in the year following the unexpected passing of her husband with the graduating class of 2016. The emotional commencement address explains several ways to overcome adversity and survive challenging circumstances.

The speech about death explores the ways people deal with setbacks as outlined by Dr. Martin Seligman. The 3 Ps -- personalization, pervasiveness and permanence -- are common emotional reactions that once recognized, can help those suffering move on. This includes a belief failure is your fault, a belief your entire life is affected or ruined and a belief the sorrow will last forever.

The speaker encourages the audience to adapt a grateful attitude. This can be done by listing three moments of joy every night before going to bed. She encourages the recent graduates to gain an appreciation of how precious every day truly is.