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Darren Foreman's Sound Keynote Focuses on Creating Music

 - Aug 6, 2013
References: beardyman & youtu.be
Musical performer Darren Foreman (also known as Beardyman), discusses the capabilities of the human voice in this sound speech. Foreman uses only his voice to create incredible music. He also introduces a musical invention of his that loops the many sounds he makes to help create something extremely entertaining.

Foreman begins his keynote by demonstrating some of the many sounds he is capable of making. He mimics children, animals, jazz bands and more. Foreman explains that the human voice is able to produce all kinds of interesting sounds, which is what pushed him to create his musical device. Foreman calls this creation 'The Beardytron_5000 mkll.' Basically this is a recording station that starts out blank and simply records all of the sounds that Foreman can think of and loops them. When the machine starts looping multiple sounds at once it becomes harder to believe that these sounds are all being made without instruments.