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Kaz Hirai's Sony Keynote Explores the New Wave of Media Products

 - Jan 8, 2015
References: youtube
Sony CEO Kaz Hirai shared an innovative keynote at the CES 2015 global consumer electronics conference where he addressed the company's recent hacker discrepancies and several new products the brand has been developing for the future. These include ultra-thin TVs and surround sound speakers disguised as stylish light fixtures.

While Sony has had a difficult year dealing with Internet hackers revealing numerous corporate information and details to the global population, this hasn't stopped the brand from staying on top of its innovation game. Sony is set to release a wide variety of futuristic consumer products such as smart TVs that are slimmer than a smartphone with only 0.2-inches in thickness and a 4K Action Camera that Tony Hawk tested and approved. Netflix's chief streaming and partnership officer was also welcomed on stage to discuss its partnership with Sony to offer a faster content experience called Netflix Recommended TV.