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Sonaar Luthra Introduces The Revolutionary Water Canary

 - Jan 20, 2012
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Sonaar Luthra the creator of Water Canary, a device that collects water and tests its quality, discusses the benefits of his evolving research. After a global crisis, it can be difficult to determine whether water is safe to consume.

Luthra gives the example of a deadly cholera outbreak after the Haiti earthquake of 2010, explaining how bacteria can dwell within water.While current water processing techniques are often very complex and expensive, Luthra’s ‘Water Canary’ solution aims to solve contaminated water issues in a simple and effective way.

This small device is cheap and easy to read, with its sole purpose relying on the answer to one question, "Is this water contaminated?" The project aims to rid crisis nations of disease by giving them access to safe drinking water with the help of a functional and inexpensive device.