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Kevin Judice's Social Enterprise Presentation Addresses Children

 - Nov 12, 2014
In his social enterprise presentation, Kevin Judice speaks to an audience of middle school students about entrepreneurship and changing the world. The entrepreneur explains how to change the world by starting companies. He teaches that entrepreneurs can be anything and shares the key to establishing new ventures: find something you love, get really good at it, choose a really hard problem and invent a creative solution.

In his social enterprise presentation, the speaker warns there is a lot of failure involved in any success and you just have to give it your best try. After finding a business solution to a social problem you raise money, the method of which will depend on what your social business is about. He tells the children to hire some really smart people and work hard but have fun. He also advises changing the world doesn't usually result in riches.

He then talks through some entrepreneurs and their journey, such as Steve Jobs.