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Marc Benioff's Social Business Keynote Tracks the Industry's Evolution

 - Nov 3, 2012
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Marc Benioff delivers an engaging and energetic social business keynote discussing the technology industry and its evolution over the last 60 years. He, like many voices of authority in the industry, envisions a future dominated by the Cloud. Today's tech companies and brands are standing on the shoulders of giants. The leaders who came before them created a remarkable mainframe; from mainframe computing in the 1960s, to mini computing in the 1970s, to client service computing in the 1980s, to cloud computing in the 1990s, to mobile computing in the 2000s and social revolution of computing and business in the 2010s.

Benioff often refers to this current period of 'social business' as the customer revolution because it has completely transformed the way businesses interact with customers. Ever since social networks and platforms like Facebook and Twitter began to be implemented into the customer service policies of brands and companies, the industry has witnessed a 123 percent increase in customer interaction. Benioff's social business keynote emphasizes the enormous shift to social media in the world today.