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Shonda Rhimes' Speech Encourages Prioritization of Work Breaks

 - Jan 25, 2017
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Shonda Rhimes' speech discusses the ways in which her life has changed after assigning herself a task to do for a year – say yes to everything that scares her or makes her nervous.

In taking part in this activity, the one task that made her reframe the way that she views her entire life is when she said yes to her young daughter who asked her to play, when Rhimes was just about to leave her house. At the time, the writer, creator, executive TV producer, and showrunner had lost the love for her work that usually drove her – a love that she saw rekindled in the time she spent playing with her daughters.

The speech by this powerful woman reminds others to prioritize time for their friends and family, as well as the things they love outside of work – if someone with as many balls in the air as Rhimes is able to do it, then others may be able to accommodate this way of living as well.