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Rose George's Shipping Keynote Shines a Light on the Sea World

 - Mar 17, 2014
References: rosegeorge & youtube
Shining a light on an industry that most seem to have forgotten about or no longer feel the weight of its importance, journalist Rose George takes us on a journey into a world at sea in her shipping keynote speech.

Honing in on how important this industry is, George explains how almost everything we own and use, at some point, travels to us by container ship. As the greenest form of transportation, and with heavy weight companies like Maersk making over 60 billion in revenue -- as much as Microsoft -- George explains to us how the world has become blind towards the shipping industry and its very efficient model of business.

"Shipping is as crucial to us as it has ever been," says George in her shipping keynote speech. And she's right. Shipping brings us 90% of world trade, and it's still growing, so now is the time to make this almost invisible industry a priority.