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Sherwin Nuland Talks About Battling Mental Illness

 - Feb 9, 2012
References: identitytheory & youtube
In this scientific, yet highly personal and moving keynote from author and surgeon Sherwin Nuland, he gives an overview of the history of electroshock therapy and shows how it has been used in the past to treat forms of severe mental illness. He explains how this controversial form of therapy has helped people suffering from schizophrenia, epilepsy and depression, and how it was actually at one point an effective way to do so.

The style of therapy disappeared after anti-depressants became popular in the 60s and patient rights groups intervened. But, Nuland makes the case for bringing back this form of therapy for those who are so depressed that drugs do not work for them and reveals why. Sherwin Nuland opens up to his audience and tells them how electroshock therapy once saved his life.