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Shaheen Wirk on How a Mentor Can Help You Find the Perfect Career

 - Jan 30, 2012
References: youtube
In this enlightening conversation, Hedge Fund Analyst Shaheen Wirk talks about how role models helped him shape his career. He explains that people who don’t have others to look up to, or that are lacking colleagues that they respect professionally, are at more of a disadvantage. He describes why it’s vital to incorporate those with a positive influence into your life. Wirk shows his audience that having these role models can also lead to business opportunities that you can learn from or that may even develop into a career.

In this brief disscusion, he describes how his role models had an effect on his own occupation by introducing him to the field. With the right role models in place, Shaheen Wirk demonstrates how one can be inspired to follow their true professional passions with guidance along the way.