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Andy Zheng's Sensory Learning Keynote Seeks to Become More Effective

 - May 28, 2014
References: youtube
Andy Zheng's sensory learning keynote communicates his dream of revolutionizing the way we learn and communicate complex knowledge. He seeks to incorporate the scientific principals of our sensory channels to design easy, effective and efficient 3D based multimedia learning.

According to cognitive research, our learning process is divided into information processing and knowledge integration. Information such as the spoken word tends to be processed by a single sensory channel, while every day information is more likely to be processed by our multi-sensory channels at the same time. Multi-sensory processing within a shorter timespan is the most effective form of learning.

3D animation can engage and link our sensory channels, ultimately processing more information at the same time. When applied to the field of learning, it renders complex, abstract and invisible concepts more communicable and visible. To go a step further, if we apply the scientific principals of our senses when creating multimedia, we can further enhance 3D animation.