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Jinsop Lee Discusses Design in This Fascinating Senses Keynote

 - Aug 7, 2013
References: jinsoplee & youtu.be
Jinsop Lee approaches design in a new way in this senses keynote. Lee claims that products can be made better by designing them to appeal to multiple senses. As an example, Lee discusses a clock his friend designed. This clock associates smells with different times.

Lee tells his audience about how he began to record different experiences to see how they appealed to each sense, and how enjoyable they were overall. He charted his results for these experiences. Lee claims that sex is one of the few experiences that engages all five senses, which is why it's so enjoyable.

Lee believes that designers have been neglecting some of the senses in their designs. He states that incorporating all of the senses into a product has the potential to make it better and more successful with consumers.