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Matt Damon Explores Broader Solutions in His Seeking Innovation Keynote

 - Mar 30, 2014
References: youtube
Matt Damon's seeking innovation keynote addresses solutions to problems by acknowledging the entire scope of the problem to find solutions.

Damon notes that there are solutions to problems which will be the answer, however that require a steadfast amount of effort and energy along with determined brainpower in achieving answers. However, Damon also points out that the exciting, or rather more advantageous thing, is to be in a position to capture or ignite those solutions. Oftentimes the general mistake that people make is to look at one issue. He relates his advice to his organization and his efforts in solving the water crisis; it is complex and consuming, however there is going to be different solutions depending on local conditions.

By thinking of the bigger picture and not solely focusing on one aspect, you can see solutions that you may have otherwise overlooked. In doing so, it also helps to solve the other aspects of the problem which in turn will solve the entire issue.