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The Donald Doane talk discusses the science of sales and the sales process. The speaker was educated... Need Inspiration?

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Donald Doane's Sales Process Presentation Sees Sales as a Science

 - Oct 21, 2014
In his sales process presentation, Donald Doane discusses how sales can be viewed as a science rather than an art. The CEO of ConnectYard, Inc. believes one of the common challenges startups face is developing a repeatable and scalable sales process. The speaker explains how building a sustainable business is important, and how sales is the key factor. He states all companies go through a cycle, but if you put the right process in place you can scale and grow.

The sales process presentation theorizes most approaches to sales focus on the personality of the salesperson. However, personality is not scalable so understanding what you need to put in place in addition to crucial team members is important. The speaker outlines a five stage process for those trying to establish a consistent level of revenue, with steps like identify, qualify, demonstrate, close and grow. For example, identifying opportunity is about doing your research.