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Daniel Crosby's Rules for Success Keynote Offers Unusual Motivation

 - Jul 9, 2012
References: twitter & youtu.be
In this rules for success keynote, consultant and psychologist Daniel Crosby talks about the methods for crafting the good life. He introduces seven hard truths about humanity, warning the audience that his speech is more of a punch in the face than a pat on the back.

According to Crosby, the seven hard truths currently standing in the way of individuals reaching their full potential are: people are not special -- this leads to entitlement and the inability to take risks; people are all crazy; a lot of what people think is right is wrong; no one is as safe as they think they are; there are no original ideas; everyone is chasing the wrong dream and lastly, that the timing in life will never be right.

Presenting a variety of fascinating anecdotes and studies, he explains how humans today are twice as more upset about a loss than they are happy about a gain. his speech touches on a variety of important facts about the human mind, what motivates it and how to make the most of life, despite his potentially grim outlook.