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Roch Parayre Discusses the Importance of Decision Analysis

 - Feb 22, 2012
References: decisionstrat & youtube
Roch Parayre is a brilliant thinker and engineer of modern economics. His contemporary approach to business and management is inspiring, encouraging his audiences to make changes and evolve both personally and professionally. He is strategic leader for Decision Strategy International, educating major businesses and managers on the art of motivating and decision making.

Parayre stresses the benefits of scenario planning. People are afflicted with problems when it comes to the pressure of time in making decisions. Humans have bounded rationality when deciding on future action. We tend to stick to a 'rule of thumb.' For example, if the sky is a certain shade of gray, we will bring an umbrella with us. While these 'rules of thumb' can be effective, they become systematic and predictable biases. Parayre argues that it's fine to be wrong, but not to always be biased.