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Robert Nardelli Discusses the Upside to Keeping a Narrow Focus

 - Mar 13, 2012
References: investing.businessweek & youtube
Robert Nardelli is best known for his position as CEO at Chrysler Motors during a time of extreme struggle. The position allowed him the experience of taking big risks, and opportunities to experiment with quick solutions and problem solving skills.

Learned from his experiences at Chrysler, Nardelli explains his opinion on the benefits of having a lean mindset. He argues that focusing on only a handful of key attributes will propel a company’s success. Nardelli acknowledged an evolving customer base, which allows for better, more informed decision making. Having a laser focus on customer demands and directly meeting people's desire cuts out unnecessary processes from the business model. Instead of viewing the situation as chaotic, Nardelli viewed it as a challenge to prove the strengths of the company, and leverage all winning assets.