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This Rob Reid Speech Pinpoints the Challenge of Internet Content

 - May 8, 2012
References: ted & youtube
In this Rob Reid Speech, the author and entrepreneur discusses the ways in which copyright affects the American economy, in particular the amount of economic losses it generates each year. He describes this field as 'Copyright Math (TM)' and reveals that the American economy loses an estimated $58 billion a year to copyright theft. This is the equivalent to the entire corn, fruit, rice and wheat crops as well as tobacco failing in America.

He goes on to provide some possible explanations for this significant loss, but identifying the exact cause, as he explains, can be rather challenging. Based on statistics provided by the American government, the cost of ringtone piracy adds up to $15 billion each year.

While the statistics and findings presented in the keynote are more comical than anything, they do represent an important message about piracy and copyright infringement; governments today, especially that of the United States of America, is in way over its head when trying to control content on the Internet.