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This Richard J Davidson Speech Discusses Converting Human Emotion

 - May 16, 2012
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The ability to transform one's mind and enhance mental capability through brain-strengthening exercise is probed in this Richard J Davidson speech.

As a professor at Harvard University's Psychology and Psychiatry department, the speaker has extensively studied the way that certain hemispheres of the brain are intrinsically linked to positive and negative human emotion. His work has shown that the brain is a malleable object which can be trained to extend the reach of programmed human emotion and, in essence, can be taught to be happy.

This is a vital realization in the field of affective neuroscience as the speaker explains that the implications for this type of self-taught happiness can be extremely beneficial for people with mood disorders. He promotes the use of meditation as one of the tools for improving brain function and tapping into the previously unfathomable capabilities of the human mind.