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Stephen Fry's Religious Examination Speech Discusses Mormon Beliefs

 - Jul 17, 2013
Actor, author and intellectual Stephen Fry discusses the Mormon view on the afterlife in this religious examination speech. Fry shares a short story with his viewers in this speech, regarding a time in which he met a Mormon, made a joke and was asked to leave.

Fry talks about how Mormons believe that after one dies they are reunited with their entire family. Fry laughs and claims that this would be more of a punishment than a reward. He points out that every family is different and that some family get-togethers are stressful or tedious, which makes spending an eternity with them seem rather unbearable. It was this particular point that Fry made a joke about while he was chatting with the previously mentioned Mormon.

Fry says that Mormon recruiters typically target women of a certain age who have lost their loved ones, because the promise of being reunited with them once again will tempt these individuals.