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Ram Charan Shows How Hard Economic Times Create Powerful Leaders

 - Feb 22, 2012
References: ram-charan & youtube
In this interestesting video conversation with buisness and leadership expert Ram Charan, he shows his audience how leadership is tested in times of crisis. He reveals that by showing how one will tackle issues of crisis, by having a unique viewpoint on the crisis, and by telling the truth regarding it, one can rise to the challenge and become a successful leader.

He also tells his viewers that leadership has to focus on innovation. He delves further into the issue by showing how all crises lead to new opportunities. He explains how those willing to take risks in this economy will be successful. In this insightful talk on crisis and how it relates to leadership, Ram Charan give his audience a informative tool kit that they can use in their own respective industries when it comes to strengthening leadership skills.