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Adam Garone’s Prostate Cancer Awareness Speech Shares Movember

 - Nov 6, 2012
References: prostatecancer & youtube
Co-founder of Movember Adam Garone shares a motivational story about how the organization came to be in a prostate cancer awareness speech.

It all started with a bet one Sunday afternoon when Garone was sitting in a bar with three of his friends, engaging in a completely random conversation on trends that did not make a successful comeback, like the mustache.

After developing the idea for Movember, growing mustaches in November to promote prostate cancer awareness, Garone and his friends tried to persuade a cancer organization in Melbourne, Australia, but was ultimately rejected due to their avant-garde vision. With "a creative idea, passion, persistence, and a lot of patience," the friends gathered 450 people willing to mustaches in support for the cause and delivered all donations to the cancer foundation. At that time, their donation was the single largest one ever received.

The campaign spread quickly, exploding from city to state to nation and eventually, worldwide. Through the creation process, the mustache farmer, as Garone calls himself, emphasizes how one must learn and understand certain markets before setting unrealistic targets, especially for those attempting to create something new.