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Richard C. Levin's Prosperous Future Keynote Hones in on Setting Goals

 - Sep 11, 2012
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In this prosperous future keynote, President of Yale University Richard C. Levin discusses the topic of leadership and the steps it takes for a team or organization to achieve its goals. He begins his speech by sharing some of the achievements of the university over recent years in contributing to the transformation of the school's city. He attributes strong relationships and a significant amount of trust and understanding as the platform on which they were able to grow and develop.

His prosperous future keynote hones in on the importance of leaders articulating and carefully explaining a vision. He emphasizes the importance of setting goals that are highly ambitious, yet not unrealistic. Measurable objectives and a superb team of people are two of the key ingredients in strong leadership and successful results. Levin reminds the audience that they shouldn't be threatened by having a stronger individual join their team to lead, because in the end, getting the job done is the most important part.