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Verne Harnish's Profitable Business Talk Explains Good Company Choices

 - Sep 30, 2014
References: verneharnish.typepad & youtube
Award-winning entrepreneur Verne Harnish's profitable business talk counts down the top small start-up decisions companies have made to catapult them into being successful enterprises. The speech explores how individuals like Steve Jobs made bold business decisions that propelled their companies to top tier levels.

Businesses often come up against crucial moments where executives and founders are forced to take on or shy away from making a bold career move. It is in these moments that start-ups either move ahead of their competitors by harnessing the next big idea or they fall short of staying on top of the cutting edge. Harnish cites Steve Jobs' decision to open Apple University as one of Apples best company decisions that pushed the company forward. Harnish says that Jobs learned to take Apple to the next level thanks to Pixar where Jobs witnessed "... the power of having everybody focused not on ten things not on five things -- but on one."