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Professor Larry Smith Discusses Fear of Failure and Career Opportunities

When TED visited the University of Waterloo, economics professor Larry Smith gave his insights into why you will fail to have a great career. While this may not sound motivating or inspirational, Larry Smith is a man who insists on being completely honest with his listeners and letting them know that life is not all sunshine and lollipops.

Smith's main focus is to let his listeners know that they must pursue their passions or they will lead a dismal life. He cuts to the core and explains why most people fail to follow their dream: excuses and fear of failure. Smith demands that if one is to have a great career they can't make excuses about "human relationships" and cannot be fearful of failure.

His speech ends with the line "and those are the many reasons you will fail to have a great career. Unless." Professor Larry Smith then opens his arms to the audience and lets them decide what "unless" means to them.