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Dan Ariely's Procrastinating Speech Gives Practical Zealous Guidance

 - Apr 7, 2014
References: danariely & youtube
Dan Ariely's procrastinating speech explains the global comprehension of why we procrastinate, and how to accomplish the seemingly uninteresting, yet important tasks.

Ariely believes that procrastination is a deep problem with human nature and it has everything to do with time. We live in the moment, and what is good for us is too far away to be appreciated. We always discuss our plans for the future, like saving money, exercising or other beneficial tasks and we find excuses for them and push them off to another day -- which never ends up coming. The simple solution is to create a connection between procrastination and something you love. He had a personal issue that was difficult to deal with both physically and mentally, however it was very important for his future that he completed the task. He began to only allow himself the treat of watching movies on the days of his bothersome task.

By incorporating something that you enjoy, it helps to balance out the negativity of the task, and gives you an incentive to complete it. We are not designed to care about the future, but we can create benefits that are imposed in the present.