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Ben Casnocha's Principles of Entrepreneurship Speech Promotes Rebellion

 - Sep 15, 2012
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Award-winning author and entrepreneur Ben Casnocha discusses starting your own business in this principles of entrepreneurship speech. Casnocha believes that the motivation to start a business is rooted in wanting to change the world. He states, "people who start businesses identify problems in the world and solve them." Entrepreneurs see problems as opportunities from which they can turn a profit and help the world.

He goes on to define entrepreneurship as something that does not exist exclusively in the world of business. He sees it as more of a life idea than a business idea.

Casnocha identifies rebellion and optimism as the first two and most important principles of entrepreneurship. Not only are entrepreneurs fearless in trying to make the life they imagine for themselves, they are also willing to break tradition and conformity. His principles of entrepreneurship speech demonstrates how mistakes will be made, but it is an important part of the process.