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Joanne Harris' Presentation on Stories Explores the Benefits of Reading Books

 - Aug 1, 2014
In her presentation on stories, Joanne Harris discusses the fundamental truths that can be found in even the most ridiculous fictional account. She shares some of the contradictory advice she was given growing up about how life is not a story and she had to be careful and not confuse them with the real thing, or that daydreaming won't get you anywhere. This "conflicting current of advice" contrasted with her own instinct that most stories are true. The speaker states something about the structure of stories demonstrates even when it's obvious they're not true, there is a meaning that holds certain truths within them.

Telling tales has many benefits, as outlined in the presentation on stories. Through sharing personal histories, one can bring the dead to life and ensure they'll never be forgotten. Books can take you to other places, even if it's only in the imagination. They also open avenues of communication to people you'd never otherwise meet and create empathy.