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Rick Hason's Presentation on Neuroplasticity is Mind Altering

 - Feb 3, 2014
References: rickhanson.net & youtube
Neuropsychologist Rick Hanson gives an incredible introductory presentation on neuroplasticity that manages to explore the grander implications of the subject while tantalizing the audience to want to continue to hear more.

Hanson begins his talk by stating three simple facts about the brain. The first is that the brain can change the mind. The second fact is that the mind can change the brain, which is known as neuroplasticity. The "immaterial information" of the mind can affect the material neural structure of the brain. This bring Hanson to his third fact and the main point of his presentation on neuroplasticity, and that is, we can "use the mind to change the brain, to change the mind for the better." Hanson calls this, self-directed neuroplasticity, where by altering our thoughts to alter our brain, we can affect our mental health for the long term.

With self-direct neuroplasticity, Rick Hanson believes that we can ultimately lead better lives.